New Cornell publication available for grape growers

Gain more knowledge on sprayer maintenance and management, airflow adjustment and methods for reducing drift in this new publication.

For growers looking to improve their spray coverage in vineyards, the new 261 page book Effective Vineyard Spraying by Dr. Andrew Landers from Cornell University is a must-have. Anyone who has been fortunate enough to attend one of Lander’s workshops knows that he provides a wealth of practical advice for growers. This book is no exception.

Effective Vineyard Spraying is filled with suggestions that can save growers money and time by showing how to get maximum efficiency from sprayers and how to fine-tune spray equipment for optimum coverage in the grape canopy. With today’s shorter residual and more narrow-spectrum pesticides, good coverage is especially important for achieving control.

Landers has included directions for building a “patternator,” a device that shows the distribution of sprayer output so growers can make adjustments to maximize canopy coverage and minimize drift, and the “Cornell doughnut,” a simple device used on airblast sprayers that adjusts airflow for better canopy coverage and less drift. The book contains a bonus CD with videos, worksheets and checklists that can be printed for use in your vineyard operation. The book can be ordered on-line at

Topics include:

  • Airflow adjustment and nozzle orientation
  • Methods for determining amounts of spray deposition
  • Sprayer maintenance and adjustment
  • Methods for reducing drift
  • Management of spraying operation for best results
  • Tips for selecting sprayers and nozzles.

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