Opportunity abounds in the Michigan food and agriculture industry

Governor Rick Snyder proclaims food and agriculture industry in Michigan exceeds $100 billion.

Michigan is highly ranked in the food and agriculture (ag) industry in the United States. This industry is strong in Michigan, as the Governor referenced during his 2015 State of the State address. According to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, “The food and ag industry in the state of Michigan has exceeded $100 Billion of economic activity.”

The food and agriculture industry in Michigan is one the top three industries in the state. This industry not only benefits the primary producers and growers, but their employers, the distribution channels, packagers, processors, retailer, consumers and waste management organizations. At every stage of the process, the benefits are not only to those directly impacted, but to the end consumers as well.

A strong and diverse food and agriculture industry in Michigan strengthens food security by ensuring an adequate food source is grown locally. Also, those who purchase products grown and produced in Michigan appreciate both economic and social benefits.

From the economic side, the price points for products grown in Michigan can be competitive, and in some cases lower, due to the reduced costs of transportation to market. Also, fair wages and fair wholesale prices are more likely to be realized for workers and producers as a whole.

From the social side, by purchasing Michigan grown and produced products in the state of Michigan, reduced carbon emissions and impact to the natural resources of our state can be realized as well.

Here are a few tips on how you can support Michigan’s food and agriculture industry locally:

  • Shop at your local farmers market.
  • Participate and purchase from your local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).
  • Encourage your local grocer to source more Michigan grown products.
  • Encourage your local restaurants to source more Michigan grown products from food hubs and local sources.
  • Visit local farms and events hosted on farms.

Supporting a thriving food and agriculture industry in the state of Michigan is important and Michigan residents should be proud of the strong industry that is present in the state. Continued support of this industry not only benefits the industry as a whole, but benefits every citizen of the state.

Michigan State University Extension has community food systems educators located throughout the state of Michigan. This team has expertise to assist your community with educational programs about local community food systems, how to become more involved and how to support it within your own locality. For more information, visit the Michigan State University Extension website and the Community Food Systems page to locate a Community Food Systems educator in your area. 

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