Osceola County message from the District Coordinator

District director Shari Spoelman describes the difference we make together, partnering with Osceola County.

Shari Spoelman. District 6 Director. Photo by MSU Extension.
Shari Spoelman. District 6 Director. Photo by MSU Extension.

I’m delighted to share the results of another successful year of partnership between Osceola County and Michigan State University (MSU) Extension. Because of your continued support, we’ve been able to make a difference in the lives of youth, families, businesses and communities.

MSU Extension offers a broad range of research-based educational services to county residents. Over this past year, we’ve empowered families and individuals to live healthier lives, supported new and local businesses, created opportunities for youth leadership development and career exploration, helped farmers with business management and mental health, and much more. Our staff live and work alongside county residents, are rooted in community relationships and are responsive to community needs.

Here's the difference we've made together in 2018: 

  • Over 2,600 Osceola Count adults and youth participated in MSU Extension Programs 
  • Almost 2,000 youth participated in 4-H and school enrichment programs
  • More than 1,500 residents participated in health, wellness and development programs 
  • Almost 250 residents participated in in agricultural services and gardening programs 
  • MSU disbursed more than $214,000 in financial aid for Osceola County students
  • MSU spent more than $320,000 with local businesses in Osceola County 

We’re passionate about serving Osceola County and are looking forward to a new year. Thank you for your continued support of MSU Extension.


Shari Spoelman

District 6 Director 

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