PARK(ing) Day is September 16

Create a temporary public park in your community on this year’s PARK(ing) Day.

PARK(ing) Day is just around the corner and your community can plan today for parking day activities.   PARK(ing) Day is an annual, international event where parking spaces are turned into temporary public parks. Citizens, activists and designers create a small parklet in a parking space. Invented in 2005 by a design firm in San Francisco, it is intended to demonstrate temporary improvements to the urban environment. Games, seating, green spaces and public art are all possibilities for parking day fun. 

PARK(ing) Day is an open source project designed to transform a private vehicle storage space into a place for people to interact and socialize. The basic installation is very simple: ground cover, shade, a place to sit, traffic cones and a sign. Some groups have expanded on this concept to include live music or games for people to play such as ping pong. A manual on how to do this safely is available at

It may not seem like it would have much impact, creating one park for one day in a downtown, but several Michigan cities have seen the long-term value of urban parklets and now install them in parking spaces for the summer. Chicago has installed several parklets and has completed follow up analysis on the impacts of these people spots. Grand Rapids, Lansing and Birmingham have all incorporated parklets into their communities as well. 

PARK(ing) Day is just one tool in the tactical placemaking toolkit. For more information on placemaking in your community, contact a Michigan State University Extension Land Use Educator

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