Pasture walk at Shupe Dairy Farm will emphasize fall pasture management

Networking and learning from others is an important tool for graziers, so join us October 17 in Elkton, Mich., for a pasture walk focusing on analyzing pastures for winter.

The summer drought was difficult for many hay and pasture fields in 2012, and with cooler temperatures and increased rainfall, it’s a good time for pastures and hay fields to “catch up” and prepare for the winter. Learning to assess pastures at the end of the growing season is often a lower priority for producers due to the demands of harvesting other crops, but it is still an important part of maintaining a healthy, productive pasture.

Michigan State University Extension is hosting a pasture walk to assist graziers and other interested groups in analyzing pastures for the winter. Graziers will have the opportunity for networking with other producers and learn from the example of others to increase their own productivity. The pasture walk will be on October 17 from 1 to 4 pm. at Shupe Dairy Farm, located at 1891 N. Pinnebog Road, Elkton, Mich. (view map). Participants should travel four miles east of Elkton, Mich., on M-142 (Pigeon Rd.) and 1.75 miles north of Pinnebog Road in the heart of Huron County.

The Shupe family currently milk 600 cows and have 675 acres of perennial and annual pastures.

MSU forage specialist Michigan Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative for their support.

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