Physical fitness and college visits

Consider visiting the different facilities for physical fitness activities for opportunities to get in shape during the college years.

Colleges and universities have centers and resources in place to help students be successful and graduate with a degree. For example, students can learn about service learning centers to get involved with civic engagement and community service, career centers for career preparation, study abroad opportunities for international educational experiences, academic support for assistance with classes, counseling services for personal support, and health services to treat sicknesses and other medical issues. Michigan State University Extension also recommends looking for opportunities to join student organizations at their future college or university.

The college experience can be fun, but it can also be stressful. Because of the stress of college life, it can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle of not exercising or not getting involved in some type of physical fitness activity. Colleges and universities have fitness centers for exercising and getting in shape. Being healthy and in shape can assist students physically and mentally during college. So here’s a question to consider on a college visit, have you thought about visiting the gym, an intramural building or a fitness center on campus? For example, through Recreational Sports and Fitness Services, Michigan State University offers students opportunities to participate in physical fitness activities and get in shape. There are facilities and opportunities for exercising, sports and aquatic activities. As students are planning to attend college, something to think about is managing time to get involved in some type of physical fitness activity. Consider asking the following questions during a college visit:

  • What types of physical fitness activities are offered?
  • How many facilities are available for physical fitness?
  • What types of outdoor facilities or fields does the college have for sports and recreation?
  • Is there a membership fee for the physical fitness activities and facilities?
  • What hours are the facilities open?
  • Are there opportunities to have a personal trainer?

Students do not need to wait for college to begin getting in shape. Students can seek opportunities to try to play a sport in high school or join a recreational sports league or maybe some type of exercise and fitness clubs to get in shape. Hobbies such as walking, running or riding a bike are good physical fitness activities to get involved in. Do not underestimate the importance of getting involved in physical fitness before, during and after the college years. Getting in shape and staying healthy can assist in the success of a student in college.

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