Planning and Running a Ballot Question Campaign online course

Running a campaign for or against a proposal on the ballot this November? Check out this free online course from MSU Extension.

On November 8, Michigan residents will see various proposals on their ballots when they head to the polls to vote. These proposals will cover a range of topics such as amending a city charter or renewing, raising or implementing a millage to raise revenue for a specific project or program.

If you’re part of a group organizing a campaign to support or oppose a ballot question, or if you simply want to know more about the laws governing ballot questions and campaign finance regulations, Michigan State University Extension’s free online course Planning and Running a Ballot Question Campaign may be of interest to you.

Planning and Running a Ballot Question Campaign is a self-paced course that can be accessed 24/7 at your convenience. Presentations can be viewed in any order and repeated multiple times. 

The course covers the basics of planning and running a ballot question campaign: laws governing ballot questions and millages, Ballot Question Committee formation and pre-campaign planning, campaign finance rules, regulations and reporting, voter research and outreach, social media best practices, and post-campaign wrap up.

The content is organized by topic, with a quick presentation on each topic, some interactive activities and additional information that can be read separately. If you’re interested, register online.  

Those in Michigan State University Extension that focus on Government and Public Policy provide various training programs which are available to be presented in your county. Contact your local Government and Public Policy educator for more information.

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