Planting hops in 2013? It’s not too early to start planning

MSU Extension has resources available for hops growers.

For farmers interested in growing hops, now is the time to start planning.

For starters, check out Michigan State University Extension's Small scale hop production in the Great Lakes Region website where, under the “Getting Started” tab you can find detailed information on cultivar selection, hop yard construction and budgeting, hardware suppliers, and even a video on setting up your trellis.

There are also links to resources including Michigan processors that should be able to provide important information on hops picking and pelletizing.

Also on the site under the “Pest Management” tab, you will find important pest and disease management guides that are worth reading ahead of the season. A handy guide to have on hand is the Field Guide for Integrated Pest Management in Hops.

Perhaps most importantly, you should be getting your hops plant orders squared away soon. Please recall from a previous MSU Extension news article, Purchasing Hops for Planting, that MSU Extension encourages purchase of certified plants rather than rhizomes from an unknown source. Though they may cost a bit more upfront, you will be better served in the long-run.  

Finally, stay tuned for MSU Extension educational programs and tours for in-depth learning experiences. For more information on hops contact Dr. Rob Sirrine at

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