Positive ways to start the day

Get your family off to a positive start every morning.

For many people, morning stress can set the tone for the entire day. Simple changes have the potential to help us start our day in a more positive way. The way we interact with one another when we begin the day can impact how we react to whatever challenges the rest of the day may bring. As morning is a hectic time, make an effort to start the morning off in a positive way, as a family. Try the following ideas to focus on the positive as a family.

What do I look forward to today?

Have everyone in the family tell each other out loud what they are looking forward to each day before leaving the house. If there isn’t time to share together everyone could write it on a note and post it in a convenient spot. You cold also do this with a family white board or notebook. Make time as a family, preferably every day, but if not at least a few times a week to get together and talk about the positive things that happened in everyone’s day.

Positive Quotes or Thoughts:

Make a point every morning to find a positive quote to reflect on as everyone gets their day started. Family members could take turns bringing a quote or thought to the discussion. If there isn’t time to chat in the morning, use notes, a white board or a notebook in a common location.. Then get together as a family to discuss at a more convenient time.

Set Positive Goals for the Family:

When you get together as a family, discuss something positive that everyone could work on throughout the week. These could be individual goals or ones that everyone works on together. Make sure to write these goals down somewhere, just in case someone forgets, or needs a reminder. Come back as a group at the end of the week and discuss how everyone feels about whether or not they met their goal for the week.

Repetition is important to develop any habit, so in order for these activities to become habits, you have to be dedicated to try them many times. Some days it may be harder than others to keep that positive outlook, but it will be worth it when you have more happy mornings and fewer stressful ones.

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