Produce healthy garden plants by knowing the basics of fertilizers

A new fact sheet helps demystify the many forms of fertilizer on garden store shelves.

Deciding what type of fertilizer to buy can be confusing, but choosing the right one will help ensure successful plant growth. Sifting through the variety of slow release, quick release and water soluble products is easier if you know how products are formulated for your plants.

Michigan soils provide abundant nutrients for most of our woody plants, like trees and shrubs, and have little need for supplemental fertilizer. However, in some cases where a plant exhibits a deficiency or to ensure production of a crop with high nutrient requirements such as the tomatoes, fertilizers can be applied to enhance growth.

Whether you use synthetic granulated types, pelleted slow-release types or soluble fertilizer, the choice you make will vary in cost as well as effectiveness. You can learn more about choosing the right fertilizer for your needs in the new fact sheet Fertilizer basics.

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