Producer input needed to validate Scerlo-cast white mold apothecia prediction model

Soybean producers with fields infested with moderate to severe levels of white mold are asked to provide input to help improve the Sclero-cast white mold apothecia prediction model.

Sclero-cast is a new tool to aid producers and consultants in identifying high risk for the development of white mold in soybeans. This tool, developed by the University of Wisconsin, Michigan State University and Iowa State University, will help producers decide if fungicide applications targeting white mold are warranted.

We have an excellent opportunity to validate the new Sclero-cast white mold apothecia risk indicator because white mold is showing up in some Michigan soybean fields this summer. We are asking producers that have fields infested with moderate to severe levels of white mold to provide the following information for each infested field:

  • Field location (town and nearest cross roads)
  • Soybean variety
  • Planting date
  • Row spacing
  • Irrigated or dryland
  • Date that the first open blossoms appeared
  • Percentage infection or out of 10 feet of row how many plants are diseased

Please send the information to Martin Chilvers at The provided information will be kept confidential and used solely to validate or modify Sclero-cast. Producers that provide the requested information will help validate or improve the reliability of this exciting and important new white mold management tool.

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