Reenergize, restructure and rebuild your board, team or group

Many existing community boards, teams or groups are losing members and facing apathy. Other organizational entities may be seeking tips to increase their membership or more effectively run their meetings.

The Alcona County Regional Leadership Committee, in cooperation with Michigan State University Extension has offered a variety of leadership trainings over the past several years. This year is no exception with the second in a trio of mini-sessions to be presented on March 19, 2013.

Historically, the Alcona leadership program has consisted of a series of interconnected sessions building on one another. In response to participant feedback and to keep the program fresh and flexible, the planning committee opted to offer a three-pack of non-related sessions in 2012-2013. They held the first workshop in Nov. 2012, which concentrated on developing communication and conflict resolution skills. Evaluation results indicated that four out of every five attendees experienced an increase in their knowledge and confidence at addressing conflict situations.

The upcoming session, “Fifteen Ways to Kindle the Flame and bring your Group, Board or Team to Life”, will focus on building, energizing and maintaining involvement within an organization, governmental committee or community group. Organizers hope participants will learn something new to help strengthen their organization.

“Although we cannot cover every aspect of boardsmanship, we can provide attendees at least 15 suggestions they can implement immediately,” Alcona County Commissioner and planning committee member Kathy Vichunas said. “We’re very excited about the hands-on technology stations that will be set-up for participants to practice easy-to-implement technology and record-keeping.”

As part of the program, five technology-related work stations will be available for participants to experience opportunities that can help maintain team functionality by overcoming logistical and coordination issues. Online devises such as meeting scheduling, information storing, conference calls, surveys, newsletter software and more will be introduced in a user-friendly setting so that even the most technophobic person will find themselves eager to start putting these aides into practice.

The March 19, 2013 workshop will be held at the Alcona Health Center in Lincoln, Mich. from 6:30-8:30 p.m. For more information or to register contact Reservations are requested. Cost is $5.

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