Registration Now Available for the Saginaw Bay Watershed Conference

Water quality protection leaders and interested citizens are invited to attend the Saginaw Bay Watershed Conference on Friday, March 16, 2012, at Curtiss Hall on the Campus of Saginaw Valley State University.

Water quality protection leaders and interested citizens are invited to attend the Saginaw Bay Watershed Conference on Friday, March 16, 2012, at Curtiss Hall on the Campus of Saginaw Valley State University. Hosted by the Planning & Zoning Center (PZC) at MSU, the event will focus on water quality restoration achievements, and highlight opportunities for future improvement of the Saginaw Bay Watershed.

This Conference will provide attendees an opportunity to learn about the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) progress in the Saginaw Bay Watershed and River/Bay Area of Concern, including the work PZC has been doing in this area. Topics to be discussed include the relationship between land policy, land use and water quality; invasive species impact; habitat protection and restoration; local planning and zoning for water quality protection; land conservation actions private land owners can take to improve water quality; and other topics related to Beneficial Use Impairments and delisting the Saginaw River and Bay as an Area of Concern.

Who Should Attend

Stakeholder groups from around the Lake Huron Basin, and particularly the Saginaw Bay watershed, as well as representatives from the following organizations will be attending:

  • Conservation Organizations: Soil Conservation Groups, Watershed Protection Groups, Habitat Preservation Groups and Environmental Protection Organizations.
  • Local Stakeholder Groups: Local Governments, Local Elected Officials, Zoning Administrators, and Planners and Planning Commissioners.
  • County Agencies: Drain Commissioners, Health Departments and Road Commissioners.
  • State Agencies: the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development.
  • Federal Agencies: the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Army Corps of Engineers.

Citizens interested in restoration of the Saginaw River and Bay are also encouraged to attend.

Why Attend?

There are six good reasons to participate in this Conference:

  1. One Stop Shopping! Get a comprehensive overview of everything happening related to water quality in the Basin at once. Two dozen speakers from a variety of organizations are already confirmed as speakers.
  2. Connect the Dots! It is easy to get caught up in the efforts of one’s own organization and lose track of what is happening in other organizations. This is a quick and efficient way to get up to speed.
  3. Find New Partners! Collaboration is one key to successful GLRI funding. This is the place to meet new partners and catch up with old friends.
  4. Share Your Experiences! This is your chance to share what is working, what is not and to learn from others.
  5. To Stay on Top! There are many land use changes going on in the watershed, and water quality issues are deeply connected--can you afford to fall behind because you did not attend?
  6. Great Value! Most of the Conference expenses are being covered by a GLRI grant to the sponsors, so this may be the cheapest one-day Conference all year!

Registration is available online, or a PDF of the registration brochure is available for download. Cost to attend is $25, and includes refreshments, lunch and handouts. Questions about registration should be emailed to Jessica McFarland at or call 517.884.3957.

Learn more about the event, including the tentative agenda, at Saginaw Bay Watershed Conference. Questions about the Conference should be emailed to Ryan Soucy at or call 517.432.2222.

Check future editions of “Land Policy News” for updates on this Conference. Learn more about the PZC project at GLRI Saginaw Bay Watershed Project.

The Conference is sponsored by the Planning & Zoning Center, the Saginaw Bay Land Conservancy, the East Michigan Council of Governments, the Partnership for Saginaw Bay Watershed, and the Saginaw Bay Coastal Initiative.

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