Roscommon County program highlights 2017

MSU Extension supports family health and nutrition, promotes agriculture, empowers youth, supports youth in poverty and much more.

Supporting Family Health & Nutrition

According to the 2018 County Health Rankings Report, Roscommon County ranks 72 of 83 in life expectancy and health. Obesity also continues to be a health concern because 34 percent of Roscommon adult residents are obese. MSU Extension provides health and nutrition workshops, webinars and more to help residents improve their health. We offer programs that promote health like Dining with Diabetes, Eat Healthy Be Active, Cooking Matters, Chronic Pain & Mindfulness and Food.

Agriculture & Agribusiness

During the past year in Roscommon County, MSU Extension provided gardening support and education through individual consultation, workshops, research opportunities, evaluation of practices, articles and more. Topics included beginning farming, hoop house management education, soil testing, lake ecology, forestry education, pest management, outreach, etc. One hundred twenty Roscommon residents attended, participated or consulted in these programs over the past year.

Empowering Roscommon Youth

From 4-H to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) programs to babysitting clubs and robotics, MSU Extension provides learning opportunities that help prepare youth for work, especially for jobs in science, technology, engineering and math. In 2017, Roscommon youth enjoyed club activities including vegetarian cooking, baking, workforce prep, electronics, outdoor recreation, healthy choices and more!

MSU Extension & Natural Resource Education

In 2017, our natural resource educator, Julie Crick, worked closely with Roscommon County school districts to provide classroom education and outdoor field excursions that include research, observation, data analysis and more. The education she offered directly engaged students in natural resource environments and helped to increase their environmental literacy and stewardship. Julie also offered training to educators on sustainable forestry in Michigan.

Supporting Youth in Poverty

The BackPack Program is an undertaking of the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan which attempts to reduce child hunger, educate students and families on proper nutrition and promote healthy lifestyles. MSU Extension partners to provide a newsletter titled Making Healthy Choices. The program began in 2004 with 50 backpacks in two elementary schools. Currently, this program serves nearly 7,000 children in more than 160 schools throughout 22 counties in northeast Michigan. Roscommon County received support in two schools and assists hundreds of youth.

Leadership & Engagement

MSU Extension offers leadership programs, civic engagement education, governmental policy training and more. For example, Communicating Through Conflict, Citizen Planning, Planning & Zoning for Solar in Michigan, Parliamentary Procedure, Township Government Training, Home Ownership & Retirement webinars, workshops on marijuana regulation and more. Over 60 residents of Roscommon County participated in programs like these over the last year.

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