Second chances for horses webinar

Register now for the November 25 webinar to learn about the care and training of the rescued horse.

Horse rescues have increased in both number and importance to the U.S. horse industry, even as we come out of the economic recession. Horses enter rescues for a variety of reasons. Some are there because they have not met expectations at the track or show ring. Others enter due to financial issues and some may have experienced neglect or abuse.

Perspective owners need to consider a variety of factors before adopting a rescued horse including the reliability of the rescue organization, the horse’s health and temperament and the horse’s overall suitability. Sometimes the new owner must rehabilitate a rescued horse with little to no background in the horse's health, temperament or training. To learn more about caring for a rescued horse, Michigan State University Extension recommends that horse owners join My Horse University and eXtension Horses free webinar on Tuesday, November 25 at 7 p.m. EDT.

The webinar will be presented by Dr. Judy Marteniuk of Michigan State University and Colleen Brady of Purdue University. For more information on rescue horses, go to The Unwanted Horse Coalition website.

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