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Just like the census comes around every 10 years, we at Michigan State University (MSU) Extension and the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station need to assess your perceptions about priority programs about every five years. We are committed to using our resources to meet our state’s needs. To ensure that our work is focused on addressing the most pressing issues facing Michigan’s communities, families, farms and other businesses, natural resource managers, children and youth, we conduct regular statewide needs assessments.

A new assessment is taking place this spring and will involve using new tools to determine what Michiganians believe are their most serious issues that can be addressed through the science-based, unbiased research and educational resources offered by MSU Extension and the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station.

Everyone in the state is invited to the “AdvanceMichigan” project to post their thoughts, pictures, stories and video links on an interactive Web site at This site will be open from April through the end of June and will be used to gauge residents’ interest in topics based on their votes and participation in discussion boards.

The more people who visit and the more frequently people interact there, the richer and more valuable the information that we receive. You can use the search box to locate topics that interest you or post your own topic.

Your participation is encouraged and welcomed and we hope you’ll tell a friend to try it as well. The site is completely confidential and open to anyone who cares about the Great Lakes state. If you have questions, please call your county MSU Extension office at 1-888-678-3464.

Tips for Using the Advance Michigan site (pdf)

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