Simple suggestions to losing weight

Reducing 100 calories a day, accompanied with physical activity can help you manage your weight.

Losing or maintaining a healthy weight does not mean eating awful tasting food or avoiding gatherings where tasty food is served. We need to think about what and how much we eat before our weight and health get out of control. One hundred extra calories a day can put on about 10 pounds a year. One dietary change can also help lose 10 pounds by eating 100 less calories a day. According to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, it is recommended that most individuals trying to lose weight follow a gradual weight loss of no more than a half pound to two pounds per week. The guidelines also recommend losing weight under the guidance of a healthcare provider.

Here are some simple dietary changes Michigan State University Extension encourages you to incorporate into your lifestyle that equal about 100 calories:

  • Switch from whole milk to one percent or skim. The nutrients are the same.
  • Switch from regular mayonnaise to low-fat.
  • Substitute regular soda for diet. Better yet, drink water!
  • Reduce amount of salad dressing for your salad. One tablespoon is recommended.
  • Check serving sizes on the label of your favorite cereal. How many servings do you eat?
  • Limit the amount of bread before the main course of a meal.
  • Limit cookies to one, instead of several.
  • Reduce or omit butter on your baked potato. Instead try reduced fat, fat-free or yogurt.
  • Limit daily consumption of liquor. One drink for women, two for men.
  • Be size-wise with fast food.
    • Skip mayonnaise.
    • Choose a small or regular burger.
    • Order smallest size of fries and share with a friend.
    • Instead of fries, choose a side salad.
    • Order a diet soda or water.

You can enjoy your favorite foods by monitoring how much you eat along with engaging in physical activity. Balancing calorie intake with physical activity will help you maintain a healthy weight. By lowering your calorie intake and increasing physical activity you are on a successful path to healthy weight loss.

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