Smart sign scavenger hunt in the 4-H Children’s Garden

Explore the 4-H Children’s Garden and discover some of the secrets there using your phone.

Have you ever enjoyed exploring using a scavenger hunt? Now you can explore the 4-H Children’s Garden in East Lansing, Michigan, using your phone and the Smart Sign Scavenger Hunt. Scan the smart sign (Fig. 1) and discover interesting garden information, do scavenger hunt activities and explore the garden in new ways.

Scavenger hunt

Figure 1. Smart sign in the 4-H Children’s Garden.

When you scan a sign, you will see information about the theme garden in front of you (Fig. 2). You will also see the buttons “About this Plant,” “Do This” and “Next Clue.” Click on About this Plant and learn new and interesting information about a plant in the garden. You will discover some of the secrets of that plant and its stories. Click on Do This and you will get directions about what you are supposed to do for the scavenger hunt. You might be asked to look more closely, touch or smell a plant, take a photo, listen or even taste. Take your time and enjoy the exploration. Then, click on Next Clue and you will get directions on where to go next as you explore the garden.

Sample scavenger hunt screen

Figure 2. Sample scavenger hunt screen.

As you make your way through the 4-H Children’s Garden using the Smart Sign Scavenger Hunt, you will visit the ABC Kinder Garden, Butterfly Garden, Cloth and Color Garden, Dinosaur Garden, Enchanted Garden, Milk, Meat and Wool Garden, My Plate Garden, Performing Plants Garden, Perfume Garden, Pizza Garden, Small World Globe and Garden, Special Child’s Garden, Sunshine Garden Gallery and the Tree House. Pay close attention to the information about the gardens and plants because some of this information has been written by youth, so you are getting their take on what is interesting and important. You may get a whole new view of the garden!

Finally, as you explore and use the Smart Sign Scavenger Hunt, look for other visitors that are also exploring using the scavenger hunt. Talk to them, share your discoveries and stories and enjoy the gardens together!

The Michigan 4-H Children’s Garden is funded through the Michigan 4-H Foundation

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