SNAP-Ed Spartan Performance curriculum

Educating Michigan teens and their families about sports nutrition.

Michigan State University Extension educators are launching a new SNAP-Ed curriculum throughout the state aimed at teen athletes. The curriculum is the result of collaboration between MSU Extension and Spartan Performance to help teach Michigan youth about sports nutrition.

Spartan Performance is made up of 6 sessions, however, it can be offered as a one-time presentation or as a series. The sessions include:

Sports Nutrition 101: Teens learn how food is the fuel to the body and what effect protein, carbohydrates and fat have on your athletic performance.

Athlete Performance Plate: Teens learn how to build their MyPlate to reflect their training day (light, moderate or hard training day).

Pre- and Post- Training Snacks/Timing of Meals and Snacks: Teens learn when and what to eat throughout the day for optimal performance.

Energy Balance: Teens learn the importance of energy balance, which is when your intake of food is equal to the energy you are burning while training.

Hydration and Supplements: Teens learn the importance of hydration as well as the signs of dehydration. They also learn why food is the best supplement.

Putting it All Together: Eating the Right Foods + the Right Amount + the Right Time = Peak Athlete Performance.

Nutrition is a vital part of an athlete’s performance; it can give an athlete the boost that they need to reach the next level. If you, your team, your coach or your parents are interested in learning more, please reach out to your local MSU Extension office or call 888-MSUE4MI (888-678-3464).

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