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The temperature is rising, the sun is shining and flowers are beginning to bloom. Spring has arrived, and with it will come rain. It is an exciting and crucial time of year for gardeners and homeowners. Prepare yourself for the rainy season and subsequent growing season with assistance from Michigan State University Extension. MSU Extension news digest/newsletters provide home gardeners with information and advice on how to have a successful spring. Sign up for MSU Extension news digests to learn more about:

  • Home gardening: Gardeners of all expertise levels can sharpen their skills by learning new techniques for growing fruit, vegetables, flowers and landscape plants. Michigan soil is great for gardeners who are looking to save money, love fresh flavor or simply enjoy working with nature. The MSU Extension Home Gardening News digest/newsletter highlights strategies and resources to make home gardening enjoyable for all.

While gardeners are preparing their soils, nurseries and greenhouses are producing a variety of spring plants for garden centers. The MSU Extension Floriculture News digest/newsletter discusses emerging issues that face today’s greenhouse crop producers. Sign up for MSU Extension news digests to learn more about:

  • Floriculture: Discover resources to help improve greenhouse crop production, business management and marketing strategies. Stories featured in MSU Extension news digests provide objective scientific information on new crop production protocols, production techniques, energy conservation strategies, retail and wholesale marketing tips, and more.

MSU Extension News digest/newsletters allow individuals and groups to connect with the latest information from experts in fields specific to their needs and interests. These customized newsletters highlight educational news stories and link readers with MSU Extension websites and resources that are relevant to their interests. More than 10,000 people are receiving the benefits of MSU Extension digests.

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