State pesticide applicators certification exam now available online

MDARD has partnered with the Metro Institute to offer computer-based testing for state pesticide certification exams.

Michigan’s pesticide applicators now have more choices when it comes to when and where to take their pesticide certification exams thanks to a new partnership between the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) and Metro Institute. This collaboration affords pesticide applicators greater flexibility by offering computer-based pesticide applicator certification exams at locations throughout Michigan. 

Metro Institute partners with colleges and universities to utilize their testing centers and proctors, allowing the company to offer testing in dozens of locations around the state. Computer-based testing is a popular option with applicators and businesses. It allows them the flexibility to test at a time and location that works with their busy schedules and offers a faster way to become certified.

Customers can either call the Metro Institute’s toll-free hotline at 877-533-2900 or visit the Metro Institute website. First-time users will need to create an account and receive authorization from MDARD’s pesticide section before scheduling their first exam. The authorization process, which is required for security purposes, typically takes about 24 hours to complete, and the applicator will be notified by email or phone once approved. Once an applicator has been authorized by MDARD, they can take as many exams as they wish within six months before they will need to become re-authorized.

Applicators who take a computer-based exam with Metro Institute will receive a printed exam results sheet indicating whether or not they passed their exam, their exam score and a breakdown of their score by study manual chapters. Applicants who utilize computer-based testing will need to mail their completed certification application (new or renewal) and check to MDARD prior to scheduling a computer-based exam. 

MDARD understands that getting certified in a timely manner is important to applicators and employers. MDARD hopes their partnership with Metro Institute, as well as their existing paper-based exam process, will provide testing options that meet everyone’s needs. For more information about the certification process for Metro Institute’s computer-based exams or MDARD’s paper exams, please visit MDARD’s Pesticide Certification website.

For a current map of Metro Institute’s computer-based testing locations, please visit their Metro Institute website.

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