Strong women, healthy bones

A national evidence-based community exercise and nutrition program targeted to midlife and older women to help increase strength, fitness and overall health.

March 11, 2016 - Author: Leatta Byrd, Michigan State University Extension

Michigan State University Extension has begun a new bone health education program for women in Kalamazoo County. The Strong Women, Healthy Bones Program was developed by Dr. Miriam E. Nelson and colleagues at Tufts University in Boston, to increase strength, fitness, and overall health in women. Dr. Nelson has authored a series of “Strong Women” books, a number of the books have been New York Times bestsellers.

As we age, our body’s lean muscle mass and bone density naturally declines, increasing the risk of injuries and illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and arthritis. Strength training can help preserve muscle mass and bone density as well as providing many benefits to women including arthritis relief, restoration of balance, reduction of falls, strengthening of bone, weight maintenance, improved glucose control, sleep improvement, heart protection and increased quality of life.

The program focus is adult women but it does not exclude men.

The Strong Women, Healthy Bones program is a national evidence-based community exercise and nutrition program targeted to midlife and older women which encourages participants to eat whole foods like vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and seeds throughout the day for nourishment and to maintain energy balance. Consuming smaller portions and eating more plant-based foods, seafood and calcium from low-fat dairy products while reducing intake of solid fats, added sugars, refined grains and sodium are important for weight maintenance and overall wellness.

Michigan State University Extension, Kalamazoo County, Strong Women, Healthy Bones Program is a six-week series which designed for women with limited resources. Sessions are led by a trained Strong Women Program Leader and held two days per week. The series will start March 29 through May 5, 2016, at the Lawrence Center, Borgess Medical Center, 1521 Gull Rd. Kalamazoo Michigan. All women and interested men are invited to participate in this health-promoting program.

To register or for more information, call Leatta Byrd MA, RDN (269)384-8063 or email Deadline for registration is March 29, 2016.

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