Student Organic Farm - "The Pig Project"

Pig Project instructors collaborate across disciplines for NSC 292 Applications in Environmental Studies.

From across the green expanse surrounding it, it’s hard to tell that there are cultural and political boundaries being crossed on the Student Organic Farm at MSU. The bucolic southern region of campus is dotted with barns and pastures; it’s an ideal scene for studying agricultural science, but not what most imagine as a place for bridging cultural divides. This may be, in fact, why the team behind one of MSU’s most innovative cross-disciplinary courses, NSC 292, has found such success — what seems to be a course about animal husbandry becomes a course in practical ethics. Crucially, success in NSC 292 means collaborating with others whose ethical convictions may be as different from one’s own as they are deeply held.

Excerpt from “Raising Pigs: Experiential Learning on the Farm Crosses Cultural Divides” by Greg Teachout


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