Student organizations and college visits

Take the time to learn about student organizations during a college visit.

Attention youth. If you have plans to attend college after high school, you should know that college can be a fun educational experience. The decisions you make to take advantage of the resources available can contribute to the fun educational experience that you can have. Michigan State University Extension reminds you that colleges have activities and resources in place to help students academically and for personal support. For example, students can learn about service learning centers, career centers, study abroad opportunities, academic support, counseling services and health services at their future college/university.

The college environment provides opportunities for students to meet and interact with one another through student or community organizations at the college/university. During a college visit, try to find out the type of student organizations available through an office or department on campus. For example, Michigan State University has the Department of Student Life.

Academic departments that house the various majors have student organizations as well. For example, a student pursuing a major in the College of Engineering at MSU has options available to join one of the engineering student organizations.

Early planning is good to learn how to get involved in different organizations on campus. Each student organization may provide an opportunity to learn different skills and serve in different leadership roles. Members of student organizations also have opportunities to attend state, regional and national conferences. A question students can ask themselves is, “What type of skills do I want to learn from a student organization?” Certain skills such as building relationships, teambuilding, networking and leadership can result from participation.

Other questions a student can ask the departments are:

  • How can students join certain student organizations?
  • Which student organizations focus on volunteer or service learning opportunities?
  • How will participating in a student organization assist me in my career preparation?

Students can prepare and learn how to be a member of a student organization before they attend college. They can join student organizations at their high school or youth organizations in their local community. Michigan 4-H Youth Development has opportunities for youth to join a 4-H Club, learn skills and attend local, regional and statewide events. Being part of a student or community organization can enhance learning and prepare youth for their future. As a future college student, take advantage of joining an organization to help prepare for the future to become a successful, productive citizen.

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