Supporting child and family development in Saginaw County

MSU Extension provides programs for parents and caregivers to help their children develop during their most formative years.

Toddler blows bubbles.

There is no more important time in a person’s life than those formative years between the ages of birth and 5. Michigan State University Extension (MSUE) supports early childhood development through programs that help prepare Michigan’s children from birth to 8 years old to succeed in school and in life.  

MSU Extension improves school readiness by teaching parents and caregiver’s methods that increase early childhood science, reading literacy, and ways to prepare children socially and emotionally for school. Topics presented include math for young children, school readiness, science education for young children screen time, outdoor play and positive discipline.

In 2018, 14-one time presentations were held in Saginaw County reaching 183 adults. Through these presentations 1,816 children ages 0-8 and 70 children ages 9-12 were impacted. Three educational series were conducted in Saginaw on “Building Early Emotional Skills” for young children. These series reached 16 adults, 15 of whom completed the 4-week series.

These programs were made possible and supported by Saginaw County collaborators such as Great Lakes Bay Health, Infant Mental Health, and the Great Start Eastern Regional Resource Center. 

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