Take advantage of harvest-time benefits

Eating a colorful plate will increase your dietary quality.

basket of fruits and vegetablesSummer is a season of bountiful harvest for Michigan food growers. These seasonal fruits and vegetables provide consumers with bountiful health benefits. In-season foods are gorgeous in their array of color, and each color provides us with unique vitamins and minerals. The United States Department of Agriculture introduced an icon image called, MyPlate, to illustrate portion size of food groups. The recommendation is to make half your plate fruits and vegetables.

Eating a colorful plate will increase your dietary quality and have the following health benefits:

  • Convenience - Washed and cut up raw fruit and vegetables can be stored in individual servings (baggies) and grabbed for snacks, meals or desserts.
  • Skin - Vitamins and water content of fruits and vegetables can help with complexion and overall skin tone.
  • Healing/immune system - Vitamin C helps our bodies heal minor abrasions and cuts in addition to protecting us from illness.
  • Weight management - Fruits and vegetables are fat free, making them heart and waistline friendly.
  • Regularity and digestive health - Fiber works to scrub our intestinal track and rid our body of waste. A diet high in fiber, which abounds in fruits and vegetables, is optimum for nutritional value and digestive health.

Michigan State University (MSU) Extension has a new feature for seasonal food resources called Michigan Fresh with storing, canning, and preserving information by visiting our website

In recognition of the health benefits and to encourage visits to local farm markets, assistance for low income individuals to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables is available. The Commission on Aging will be distributing Senior ProjectFresh and Health Departments will be distributing WIC ProjectFresh coupons to qualifying individuals.

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