Targeted volunteer recruitment – Part 4: Recruitment plan

The final in a series about targeted volunteer recruitment, this article discusses the importance of having a recruitment plan in meeting program goals.

This is the fourth and final article in a series about targeted volunteer recruitment. In the previous article, we discussed presentation style and the benefit of incorporating visual aids and giveaways into presentations. This article will discuss the importance of a comprehensive recruitment plan.

Imagine that you were trying to reach a new destination in your car. Without a map or GPS unit, you might struggle to end up at your destination in a timely fashion and instead make wrong turns and go down roads you’ve already traveled. The same is true for trying to recruit without a solid plan. A recruitment plan forces you to keep in mind the attributes of volunteers you’re looking for and lists all the various ways you might reach those individuals including media, newsletters, personal asks, civic service organizations and social media. It can be a great tool to use during meetings if you’re working in a team towards recruitment efforts. You can list what resources are needed to complete each step in the process: for instance, funds to secure a radio spot or an updated brochure to reflect current volunteer sites. Don’t forget about tasks that are repeated monthly; for instance, posting volunteer opportunities on VolunteerMatch or Craigslist or updating your newsletter. Having specific, measureable goals with deadlines can help you ensure that you’re making progress.

It’s a good idea to have a monthly recruitment plan and an annual one as well. Consider your program’s capacity and determine the direction you want to go. Afterwards, break your annual recruitment plan into monthly goals that are more manageable. Having an overall idea of your goals can help you stay on target to meet your objectives and maximize efficiency. Recruitment can be a long and difficult process. By having a carefully articulated plan and clear action steps on how to meet your goals, you can ensure that you’re making every effort to be successful.

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