Teens gain positive qualities and memories after traveling to Poland

Four Michigan teens gain positive results, life-long memories and more after participating in the 2012 Michigan 4-H Polish Outbound Summer International Exchange.

Michigan teens traveled to Poland through the Michigan 4-H International Exchange coordinated by Michigan State University (MSU) Extension and the Polish 4-H Foundation. The month-long experience exceeded the teen’s expectations and they gained positive results and great memories.

The top positive traits reportedly gained were confidence, appreciation of their own country, communication skills, cultural and religious knowledge, family similarities and differences, and a new family. The evaluations collected showed that the teens gained cultural knowledge and comfort, communication skills, confidence and the desire to travel again.

Some comments made when asked to list the most memorable experiences:

  • “Everything about being with my host family”
  • “Hide and seek in the cornfields”
  • “Touring different farms”
  • “Traveling with my 4-H group”
  • “Garden/disco parties”
  • “The Baltic Sea”
  • “The architecture”
  • “The museums”
  • “Traveling to the mountains”

The teens continue to stay connected with their new international families through Facebook, e-mail and Skype. They are preparing presentations to share their positive experience with others and to encourage the importance of global and cultural programs as a truly life-changing experience for all.

Polish youth will be traveling to Michigan to become part of Michigan families for a 2013 one-month summer stay. Families are being recruited by MSU Extension to open up their homes and hearts in hosting these youth for the experience of a lifetime. 

For more information on how to get involved, contact your county MSU Extension office or MSUE 4-H International Exchange Coordinator, Renee Applegate by email at applega1@msu.edu or by phone at 517-432-7624.

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