Telecoupling tool gets a slice of the cloud

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One of the wonders of today’s dependence on technology is the value of claiming a piece of the cloud.

A CSIS team is celebrating winning $15,000 of advanced Microsoft Azure cloud computing resources through the Microsoft AI for Earth program awards. These resources, along with powerful Data Science tools and GIS software, will enable Francesco Tonini and Paul McCord to work on environmental and conservation programs aimed towards transforming the way we are currently managing complex environmental challenges.

The Azure Virtual Machine will be used to process high-resolution global gridded datasets and to host new analysis tools that will be publicly shared and accessible via the Telecoupling GeoApp to improve understanding of the sustainability of coupled human-natural systems.

Telecoupling is an interdisciplinary research umbrella concept that enables natural and social scientists to understand and generate information to enable both humans and nature to thrive worldwide.

The GeoApp is modular to allow the integration of existing tools and models to assess synergies and tradeoffs associated with policies and other local-to-global interventions. It can be applied to a range of issues, including land use and land cover change, species invasion, migration, flows of ecosystem services, and international trade of goods and products.

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