The coolest conference you will ever attend

What makes the state-wide Connecting Entrepreneurial Conference the coolest conference you will ever attend?

The concept of the CEC program is quite simple. Recognizing the importance of entrepreneurs to a community, this program offers access to programs, tools and other resources that local communities can use and tap into to ultimately help entrepreneurs in their specific communities.

What makes this conference unique is that it is almost the “exact opposite” of the typical state-wide or national conference. This is a walkable conference that is truly embedded in the host community.

The keynote speakers are local entrepreneurial success stories - not professional speakers - but are very engaging as they tell the story of their journey. We typically offer over 25 breakout sessions held right in various businesses located throughout the downtown. Retail stores, breweries, wine shops, offices, restaurants and other unique businesses allow the sessions right during business hours which provide a very unique, engaging and interesting twist to the conference. The sessions are also quite small and are “conversations with the experts” which encourages and enables more back and forth exchange.

Attendees love it and it really gives people a chance to see, taste, feel and experience the community.

The conference builds networking and idea sharing by providing ample time to walk to the next session, a fun networking even in the evening and a purposeful idea sharing session titled “60 ideas in 60 minutes”. With this approach, attendees get to know others, share ideas and come away refreshed, energized and with solid ideas they can implement back home.   

Check it out for yourself on Oct 3-4, 2018 in Charlevoix, MI. Add your name to the mailing list for updates and conference information:

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