The many ways to eat vegetables

Fresh vegetables make a variety of flavors just by changing how you prepare them.

It is suggested to eat a variety of vegetables, the fresher the better. But there are also many ways to prepare vegetables. Here are just a few ways to try a new flavor with the same vegetable.

First there are a couple things to keep in mind when acquiring the vegetables you want to eat. One – you can start a garden in the backyard and grow your own, or purchase fresh vegetables at a local farmers market or super market. You could also purchase frozen vegetables if that works best for you. However, they can be prepared in a variety of ways to change the flavor and texture to excite the taste buds.

To save on cost the United States Department of Agriculture recommends purchasing locally grown, seasonal vegetables. This can vary according to your location. The types of vegetables available will also vary. Do not be discouraged, there are plenty of seasonal varieties available. It is best to buy what you know your family will eat, but maybe you could try a new variety each week. This gives each of us a chance to add to our favorites list.

Other ways to serve vegetables is by cooking them. We can do the usual and microwave them or try putting them on the grill. You will need a basket or a pan made for grilling that can contain the smaller vegetables you choose. Add a bit of garlic and olive oil to the mix to add another flavor. USDA recommends trying to add a variety of color to your vegetable palette, so add orange sweet potatoes or dark green kale to already favorite vegetables. You might find that you like them. Another way to add vegetables to the grill is to make kabobs, just wash, cut into one inch size pieces, slide them on a skewer and grill. What a fun way to add vegetables to your meal.

You might decide to design your entire meal around vegetables, make it your main dish or add it to your main dish. Some ideas suggested by Michigan State University Extension and USDA are to add shredded carrots to your meatloaf, add vegetables to your pasta sauce, or add a variety of color to your salad.

Vegetables are always a good choice, so bravely try different varieties and look for healthy ways to cook vegetables. Remember to wash with running water, rub and then dry all vegetables before you eat them. Keeping food safe is an important step in keeping you safe.

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