The way children eat

Getting kids to eat healthy, nutritious meals.

I often discuss the eating patterns of children with other parents. When my children were small I had to find innovative ways to get them to eat their vegetables. Not all children are accepting to eating a variety of foods. Some children seem to be born with a rebellious streak. I did not want my children to feel forced to eat foods they did not want to eat or sit at the dinner table for hours because they did not clean their plate. Yes, my mother was a member of the clean your plate club.The way children eat

I have three children and they all had different tastes. My oldest son refused to try broccoli. I refused to put raw veggies in a sauce to encourage the kids to eat them because I wanted them to enjoy them the way my grandmother gave them to me – raw, fresh, and in their true flavor.

I told my son that broccoli was “small trees” and that he was able to eat these trees and grow stronger. I watched him growl as he ate the raw broccoli because he was instantly stronger and amazing. This happened every time he at broccoli, I am sure it helped in his development because broccoli is a wonderful food.

Broccoli is a member of the cabbage family and helps prevent certain types of cancer. Broccoli is an excellent source of vitamin C and fiber. Broccoli contains calcium, so if you can’t drink milk you can eat broccoli and get the same amount of calcium. The following website gives more information on tee alt benefits on broccoli and can be printed and cut-out to use as bookmarks:

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