The World Cup of Gardening is coming to Belle Isle!

The World Cup of Gardening in Detroit will be the next major international event to be held in the city, further illustrating that the city is undergoing a revitalization.

The World Cup of Gardening is coming to Belle Isle, June 16-21, 2015. According to event organizers, the World Cup of Gardening will be the next major international event to be held in the city, further illustrating to the rest of Michigan, the United States and the world that Detroit is a city of revitalization.

The World Cup of Gardening connects award-winning landscape designers with developing communities. In addition to boasting beautiful gardens, the event will also feature educational programs, including demonstrations and lectures, floral displays and indoor greenery displays. Attendees will also have a chance to enjoy a premier market place, additional entertainment, fine wine, craft beer and great food.

Another highlight for this event will be the opportunity to get kids “plugged into” nature and gardening. Daily programming will be offered to get kids connected to nature and gardening through unique outdoor experiences. This is important to coordinators of the event, as they want to make nature and gardening part of children’s daily life. Aside from its importance to event organizers, research also shows that learning about nature through gardening and outdoor activities has many benefits to youth, including teaching them responsibility and sustainability.

These types of benefits, experienced through gardening and outdoor activities, expand beyond just youth. Studies show improving access to green space:

  • improves the cognitive functioning of children living in urban environments.
  • acts as a buffer against stressful life events.
  • improves a child’s emotional well-being.
  • beautifies neighborhoods.
  • improves quality of life.
  • acts as a catalyst for further community improvement.

These studies are nothing new to the field of “nature” learning. There is strong historical significance of children’s cognitive and emotional well-being, as stated by Liberty Hyde Bailey as early as 1909 in The Nature Study Idea:

“… to open the child’s mind to his natural existence, develop his sense of responsibility and of self dependence, train him to respect the resources of the earth, teach him the obligations of citizenship, interest him sympathetically in occupations of men, touch his relation to human life in general, and touch his imagination with the spiritual forces of the world.”

Michigan State University Extension encourages you to experience some of these benefits with your children and family: mark your calendars now for this exciting event!

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