Think before sharing news online

Many people turn to social media to share information online. Take a moment to think before sharing that next status update.

How our society approaches technology has vastly changed over the last decade, and more people are becoming connected all the time and jumping to social networking platforms to share news. The range of topics you are able to share can be endless, from a new thought to a video you checked out, or an event your participating in to your daily struggles, status updates keep your network updated on what’s going on in your life. However, at times sharing news on social networking can be a slippery slope. Have you ever found news from a friend’s social networking account that slightly shocked you or seen news shared about a family member on social networking sites?

Many people are used to operating in an environment where their family, friends and acquaintances are separate and what they do privately is less likely to impact their public life. Social networking has the potential to bring formerly separate worlds into one place, which can have positive and negative ramifications. Michigan State University Extension recommends individuals take a moment to think before sharing on social networking sites. Here are three basic recommendations to consider:

  • There is some news that should be shared face-to-face or at the very least the people it directly impacts should be the first ones to share it online. One shouldn’t share someone else’s engagement, marriage, new family member, new job or death of family member news on a social networking site until, at the very least, the people directly involved or immediate family members have shared that news themselves.
  • If you wouldn’t say something face-to-face, you shouldn’t write it in your status. There have been many instances of gossip being started because of status statements. When in doubt, don’t write it.
  • While everyone has the occasional bad day, it is important you do not come across as a negative person. Sure you can say that it was a long and rough day now and again, but be sure to also talk about great things that are going on.

Whether it is fair or not, people will make judgments based on what you share on social networking. Keeping these recommendations in mind will save you from headaches online and ensure you don’t share other people’s news first.

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