Thinking about a career in business?

Explore resources through Michigan 4-H and Michigan State University.

As we each strive to do well in the world of work, I was recently drawn to an article in the South Bend Tribune about CEP’s advice for businesswomen. A successful CEO (chief executive officer) shared tips for being a female leader in a man’s world.

These tips include:

  • Be clear about what you stand for
  • Allow your point of view to shine
  • Adapt your style to fit your audience
  • Be open and honest to build trust and foster relationships
  • Have swagger and stop apologizing
  • Respond, don’t react
  • Don’t over-explain
  • Sell your ideas
  • Make others the heroes

This list easily aligns with some of the 4-H Life Skills that 4-H members can build and enhance through 4-H Youth Development. According to Michigan State University Extension, leadership, trustworthiness, goal setting and social and marketable skills are just a few of the life skills that will contribute to ones success in business and other careers. Michigan 4-H can also provide entrepreneurial experiences for those wishing to understand or grow a business from the ground up.

Michigan State University’s Eli Broad College of Business has a variety of degree programs available at the undergraduate and graduate levels for those interested in exploring a career in business. In addition, MSU students have the resource of the Lear Corporation Career Services Center which assists students with resumes, interview skills, job interviews and much more.

Women preparing for careers in business may also be a part of the Women in Business Students’ Association. This student organization provides “students with an opportunity to establish relationships with Fortune 500 companies at bi-weekly general membership meetings and other annual events.” The Association includes mentors and mentees and fosters networking and relationships that may increase one’s success with internships and full time offers.

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