Tips for stopping common lawn insect pests

Learn how to identify and stop damage from chinch bugs, European chafers, Japanese beetles and sod webworms with these helpful, updated tip sheets.

Sod webworm damage. Photo by MSU.
Sod webworm damage. Photo by MSU.

For anyone facing large dead-zones in their lawn this year, Michigan State University Department of Entomology’s Dave Smitley and Terry Davis wrote a series of tip sheets to identify and handle four Michigan pests that could be causing the damage. Homeowners, gardeners or anyone with a lawn will find these helpful, especially if their once-healthy lawn is falling victim to common pests.

Included in the MSU Extension tip sheets are information on identifying the pests, their origin, where in Michigan they are likely to be found, damage prevention and how to manage them.

Check out the tips sheets below:

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