Travel tips for parents of children with diabetes

Are you concerned about an upcoming trip with your child who has diabetes? Take a few precautions and enjoy your travel.

Travelling can be an exciting and fun experience. Many parents who have children with diabetes worry about taking their children on trips. It may seem challenging but being prepared can help. Here are a few steps that you can take to help ensure a smooth trip:

  • Keep your child’s diabetes medical supplies with you at all times wherever you go. You never know when/where you’ll need to use them. This includes insulin; your child may need more or less of it. Also, make sure insulin is stored at the right temperature.
  • Always pack extra diabetes supplies to cover any unplanned extra events or travel days.
  • Take snacks with you wherever you go. This can help you keep your blood glucose stable. You should also have a supply of foods that can boost your blood glucose in case of hypoglycemia such as hard candy, raisins, 100 percent juice or glucose tablets 
  • Bring any emergency contact information you may need and always make sure your child wears their medical ID.
  • Bring enough extra water or fluids

If you’re traveling by air, you may want to consider taking a few extra steps:

  • Pack diabetes medications and supplies in a clear a sealable bag to make going through security a faster process.
  • Store medication and any medical supplies in its original packaging and keep the labels on any bottled medication.  
  • Keep a note from the doctor saying that your child has type 1 diabetes.
  • Review the TSA’s website for any additional requirements before your trip.

Having diabetes or caring for someone with diabetes should not make you stop traveling. Take the extra precautions and enjoy your trip.

For the best diabetes care and nutrition always check with your healthcare team. For more on diabetes and nutrition visit Michigan State University Extension.

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