Upcoming diabetes article series

Three upcoming articles will serve as short tutorials addressing this diabetes.

There is still a lot of misconceptions about diabetes. Many of the adults who register for my classes (even those who have been diagnosed with diabetes) come to the first session very confused and/or misinformed. For those interested in learning more about this disease, I will be providing short tutorials about diabetes through my upcoming articles: 

Part 1 – What is Diabetes?

This will be a short overview of the health effects related to diabetes, who is affected in the United States and the three different types of diabetes and the symptoms associated with this disease.

Part 2 – Diabetes:  Misconceptions and Myths 

There are many myths associated with diabetes that make it difficult for people to understand some of the facts associated with this disease. Learn how educating yourself with research-based information is the first step towards self-management. 

Part 3 – Managing Diabetes

The good news is that diabetes is manageable. Find out how diet, exercise, medication and working with your healthcare team can help you, or someone you love, live longer and reduce the risks of some of the complications associated with diabetes.

Michigan State University Extension offers disease prevention and management programs that focus on diabetes:

  • Dining with Diabetes – a five-session course designed for people at risk of diabetes or have diabetes, as well as their family member.
  • PATH for Diabetes – a six-week series that provides skills and tools to help those who have diabetes, or care for someone with the disease, to improve their health and manage their symptoms.
  • National Diabetes Prevention Program - provides tools to help people at risk for Type 2 diabetes, also known as prediabetes, establish lifestyle changes that help manage and reverse the symptoms associated with this disease.

For more information on diabetes visit MSU Extension

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