Updates to the five-day potato late blight forecast website

New updates to MSU’s potato late blight risk monitoring website include a Twitter feed to the homepage and three new Enviro-weather stations.

The three new Enviro-weather stations have been added to the potato late blight risk monitoring website at Mecosta, Gaylord and Kalkaska, Mich. The Michigan Potato Industry Commission donated the stations. The disease-forecasting model that generates accurate predictions of late blight risk up to five days in the future now has a page to compare all stations at once. The new model is now available on the late blight website by clicking on the “5-Day Forecast” link in the left-hand menu on the homepage (see picture below).

5-Day Forecast

In addition, the Twitter updates can be seen on the pages as they are posted. The Twitter addition to the late blight disease-forecasting site in 2010 proved popular. Growers and other stakeholders have the ability to keep track of important news on late blight in Michigan using Twitter. To follow the late blight site on Twitter, click on the “Follow us on Twitter” button on the homepage (see picture below).

Follow us on Twitter

Funding came from Michigan State University (MSU) Project GREEEN, Michigan Potato Industry Commission, USDA Risk Avoidance and Mitigation Program, MSU Plant Pathology Department and the U.S. Agrochemical Industry.

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