Updating Marketing Hometown America Curriculum and Expanding to Additional States

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Principal Investigator: Cheryl Burkhart-Kriesel, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Co-Principal Investigator: Neil Linscheid, University of Minnesota; Peggy Schlechter, South Dakota State University; Jodi Burns, North Dakota State University; Abbie Gaffey, Iowa State University

Proposal Abstract:

This proposal seeks $13,500 to update the award-winning “Marketing Hometown America” curriculum which is a community engagement process using study circles and action planning to help communities market themselves to new residents and businesses. This project will create a suite of resources to help local Extension staff initiate the program, recruit participants, and successfully conduct the program in their communities. The funds will be used for travel expenses to bring two Extension staff people from each of the five participating states to South Dakota State University for a two-day, facilitated innovation process in April of 2020. The refreshed curriculum will better address issues such as diversity and inclusion and better guidance on how to implement community priorities and projects to achieve their economic development and leadership goals. The revised curriculum will also incorporate the field research gained from the first 52 communities to have completed this program with the scholarly research the program has thus far generated. This proposal also seeks the seed funding needed for an initial large print run of the new materials. The costs for the printing will be recovered through a nominal charge per booklet which will then pay for the on-going costs of reprinting materials. This keeps the cost of providing the program affordable for the small communities targeted by this program.

Award: $13,500.00

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