Upper Peninsula field crop regional report – July 31, 2014

Where soil moisture is adequate, crops are still behind, but developing well.

Weather report

Areas of the south central Upper Peninsula are experiencing moisture deficit, and crops are becoming dormant, especially perennial forages. Small amounts of rainfall have kept most corn fields moving along. In the rest of the region, adequate moisture is resulting in a very satisfactory season for perennial forage growth. Frequent showers in many areas have made putting up top-quality dry hay challenging.

Growing degree days (GDD) are significantly behind normal. Rainfall is annual total so far and is close to the five-year average.

GDD accumulations since March 1, 2014

MSU Enviro-weather station

GDD base 42 F

GDD base 50 F










Crop report

The potato crop is coming along nicely. Most farmers on irrigated ground are reporting less time spent irrigating than the last few years. Yields are predicted to be average.

Small grains are progressing well. Late planting in some cases will delay harvest.

Corn fields are generally behind normal due to late planting caused by wet fields. Tasselling are starting to emerge.

A few armyworm problems have been reported in the Dickinson and Menominee county areas. Farmers should scout small grain and corn fields for armyworms. Descriptions of the larvae, treatment thresholds and other important information can be accessed at the following Michigan State University Extension resources:

Many dry bean fields were planted late this spring, some as late as June 27. Dry conditions in the dry bean growing area have resulted in slow development. A dry bean tour sponsored by the Michigan Bean Commission is scheduled for Aug. 11 at noon, beginning at Sidetracks Bar and Restaurant, 1080 County Road 442, Cooks, MI 49817. MSU Extension collaborated with the Michigan Dry Bean Commission to establish strip trials of black bean varieties and single row observation plots of black, navy, small red and dark red kidney bean varieties on a cooperating farm in Garden, Michigan.

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