Utility Scale Renewable Energy Development - Project Siting & Conflict Resolution

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PI: Romich, E. (Ohio State University) 
Co PIs: Beya, W. (Michigan State University) and Hall, P. (The Ohio State University)

Award: $10,732

Project Abstract: Rural communities throughout the Midwest are struggling to determine if large-scale
wind and solar projects are acceptable to local residents and to assess the potential community development impacts. Residents in communities targeted by renewable energy projects have many questions about related to the construction process, the environmental impacts, land use impacts, social impacts, and the economic impacts.
Uncertainty and lack of information often leads to community conflict and various concerns raised at public hearings. Ongoing community conflict and resistance may prevent the expansion of utility scale renewable energy projects throughout the Midwest.

Engaging citizens in outreach and community education on utility scale renewable energy projects can diminish potential community conflicts, while providing community leaders with best practices to facilitate the project siting process.

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