Vacation locally in “Pure” Michigan

Michigan is a vacation destination that has something for everyone, even its residents!

With the summer vacation season upon us, it is the time of year that many make vacation plans for that summer getaway to unwind, connect with friends and family, and simply to explore somewhere new. Living in Michigan provides us with such a vast array of opportunities right in our own backyards that we could essentially vacation for a lifetime and never leave the state!

“Local Tourism, “Stay-cations” & “Tank-cations” are just a few of the monikers we use to describe vacationing activities close to home. With the economic struggles over the past five years, these types of getaways have become ever increasingly popular.

From the Upper Peninsula to the Mackinaw area, the Grand Traverse Bay area or the Sunrise Side, we have so many great vacationing destinations to suit the needs of anyone looking to get away.

Some important things to remember when making vacation plans are travel, cost, destination, experience, and memories.


How much time you hope to take when going on vacation will have a major impact on how you set your plans. Remember, travel always takes longer than originally planned, to a great rule of thumb is to plan the first and last days of your vacation time as travel…..and recovery!


What you “realistically” have to spend should determine your destination choices. It is never advisable to go into debt for a vacation. This is one of the many benefits to vacationing local in the great state of Michigan. Spend what you have and try to avoid raking up thousands of dollars in debt to visit locations, or take part in activities that are outside of your means. Vacation is meant to relax and recharge - not take on more stress of growing debt.


Keeping in mind Travel and Cost, Michigan offers hundreds of destinations for you to visit that are relaxing, engaging, cost-effective, and fairly close to travel to. Explore sites such as, regional Convention and Visitors Bureau and Chamber of Commerce websites, or attraction websites in several destinations you are interested in visiting.


You want to have an enjoyable experience where ever you visit. Based on your interests, prior planning should help you decide the type of overall experiences you can expect based on the Travel, Cost and Destination you choose.


Every vacation brings with it memories of the experiences you have. Even if they are of simply relaxing on the beach or in the wilderness, those memories are what make the experience worth it.

Keeping these few ideas in mind as you plan for your next Michigan vacation may help you to have a great, cost effective and memorable vacation in Pure Michigan.

Did you know that Michigan State University Extension has a workgroup dedicated to Tourism related efforts in Michigan? To find out more, check out the MSU Extension website.

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