Weather and crop protection workshops scheduled for March 19 and 20

Several workshops in March will allow fruit growers to anticipate the effects of weather on insect pests and plant diseases and adapt their control strategies accordingly.

The weather affects the development of diseases and insect pests as well as the application and effectiveness of pesticides. MSU Extension has developed a workshop Enviro-weather fruit commodity pagefocused on the effects of weather on insect pests and plant diseases and how weather information can be used to predict insect and disease development.

Enviro-weather allows growers to access current weather conditions and predictive models for sites near their farms. Attendees will learn how weather affects their crops and their pesticide applications and how to use some of the tools available on the Enviro-weather website. Two guest speakers from the Netherlands’ Agro Meteorological Advisory Service, Erno Bouma and Joost Nieveen, will highlight the programs. MSU speakers include Dr. Jeff Andresen, Department of Geography; Dr. John Wise, Department of Entomology; and Dr. Annemiek Schilder,Department of Plant Pathology.

Following this workshop on weather and crop protection, attendees will be able to take preventive action or respond in good time to achieve the best possible results for their crop, budget and the environment.

The two weather and crop protection workshops are scheduled for:

See the registration flier for more information: Weather Knowledge workshops

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