West central Michigan field crop regional report – April 28, 2016

Spring work was getting underway across central Michigan, but is now stalled by rain.


High air temperatures ranged from the mid-50s to low 80s over the last two weeks in west central Michigan, with lows from the upper 20s to mid-40s. Soil temperature remains quite cool with lows in the mid-40s.

Rainfall totals for the week were variable with most areas receiving between 0.5 and 1.25 inches on Monday, April 25. Soil conditions remain variable with some soils too wet to work.


Corn planting has begun on a very limited basis with 1-2 percent planted. Cold, wet soil conditions have slowed planting.

Wheat is at Feekes 4 to 5. Topdress applications of nitrogen are mostly finished this week.

Sugarbeet planting is underway where soil conditions allow. Progress is estimated at 50 percent planted.


Traps for true armyworms and black cutworms were place in mid-April near Stanton, Michigan. So far we have not captured any adult moths. Given the high trap catches in Indiana this week, we will be placing additional traps this week and will continue monitoring flight. Michigan State University Extension still recommends scouting for these pests and not relying solely on adult moth capture as decisions on pesticide application should be based on scouting reports and observations of larvae activity.

Remember that proper pest identification is an important part of pest scouting.


Winter annuals have been growing well this spring, particularly chickweed. Dense stands of chickweed can be attractive to black cutworm for egglaying. Timely control of chickweed in fields that will later be planted to corn or other susceptible crops deserves consideration.

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