West Central Michigan field crop report

Soil conditions are wet and farmers are anxious to start field work – be patient.


Spring arrived in March by the calendar, but it really didn’t look like it until Tuesday, April 5 when many winter annuals broke dormancy in Montcalm County. The first day with temperatures above 70°F occurred on Sunday, April 10 with a high of 82°F observed.  While soil conditions are still too wet for tillage in almost the entire region, many are anxious to get in the fields. To avoid soil compaction issues later in the season be patient, wait until soil conditions are fit for tillage. Low soil temperatures are in the 30s to mid 40s.

Wheat has broken dormancy. Topdress applications of Nitrogen are being made. Very little N topdress  has been applied up to this point due to persistent snow cover. Many applicators are finding the wet spots in fields sometime in unexpected places.

Alfalfa is greening up. Very little activity yet on establishment of new seedings due to cold and wet soil conditions and snow cover.

Seed corn is still in the bag and, in some cases, still in a warehouse yet to be delivered to the farm due to road weight restrictions staying on later than usual this year in Mid- and Northern Michigan.

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