What are the plans for your future?

Michigan State University has a tool to help you define your purpose and path to your future.

Through Michigan 4-H Youth Development, young people and adult volunteers are constantly asked to identify goals for their projects, as well as encouraged to make a list of what they hope to accomplish for the year in 4-H. As Michigan State University Extension staff working with children and families, we strive to help you make your best better.

As a result of the work we do in the area of career exploration and workforce preparation, one of our over-arching goals is that young people will have the knowledge needed to choose appropriate post-secondary workforce training, entrepreneurial or career endeavors. To that means, MSU Career Services Network has a variety of resources that can be used by 4-H members, their families and 4-H volunteers that are helpful in planning one’s future.

In the most recent issue of the Career Passport is a “Your Path to Purpose Activity.” It is a worksheet that leads you through a series of questions to find your path or future direction. These questions sound so much like something we would ask you to do in 4-H that I just had to share this tool.

To find your path and purpose, answer the following as provided through MSU Career Services Network:

  • What do you love doing? What would you be happy to do for free?
  • What does “success” look like to you?
  • What are you good at doing?
  • What is one word you would use to describe yourself?
  • Why am I in college? (if applicable)
  • What drives me to be in school?
  • When I am finished with school, what do I hope to do? (Perhaps develop “plan A,” “plan B,” etc.)
  • What skills will I need beyond my college classes or degree?
  • What are possible barriers between now and my desired job or career?

The national 4-H curriculum, “Build Your Future: Choices, Connections, Careers,” authored by MSU Extension staff members, can also help you decide and prepare for your future.

To learn more about the positive impact of MSU Extension and Michigan 4-H career preparation, money management and entrepreneurship programs, read the Impact Report: “Preparing Michigan Youth for Future Employment.”

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