What is the GDD in your area?

Enviro-weather is a tool that all nurseries and landscapers should be using. Here is a sneek preview of what it has to offer.

Enviro-weather can answer those specific questions you might have, like “What is the GDD as of today?” This website has weather stations all over the state monitoring elements that help all ag commodity groups in making decisions for insect and disease management. Some of the most valuable tools to me are monitoring GDD, insect development, utilizing the models for specific insects, and the historical data.

Take a look at some of the fundamentals I have highlighted for you to get you used to what is offered through Enviro-weather.

Kalamazoo’s Enviro-weather station update for today, March 27



Time of event

Cooley spruce gall adelgid

First adult activity; egg laying begins

March 12-19

Eggs start to hatch and nymphs start to feed

Started March 21 and will continue for an additional 92 GDD that equates to a total of 310

Galls start to form

Started on 3/23 and expected to continue to 310 GDD

European pine sawfly

Eggs hatch; first larvae appear

March 18

Pine needle scale

Eggs hatch; first generation of crawlers

Expect to begin when we accumulate an additional 32 GDD that equates to 250 GDD

Eastern spruce gall adelgid

First adults active

March 12-18


March 18 and expected to continue for 32 more GDD that equates to 250 GDD

Eggs hatching and nymphs feeding

Expect at 250 GDD which is when we accumulate and additional 32 GDD

Gall forming

Begins at 300 to 310 GDD

Make sure to add the Enviro-weather website to your “favorites.” It’s a handy tool and a great reference for understanding insect development.

To find information for your specific region, visit the Enviro-weather home page at www.enviroweather.msu.edu, determine the closest weather station to your farm or review averages for the region. Kalamazoo is in south central Michigan; southwest includes Lawton and Berrien Springs, plus many more.

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