What to expect at Breakfast on the Farm events?

Organizers answer frequently asked questions to help visitors prepare to attend a Michigan State University Extension Breakfast on the Farm event.

Photo by Michigan State University Extension
Photo by Michigan State University Extension

Breakfast on the Farm FAQ’s:

Q: What is Breakfast on the Farm?
A: Breakfast on the Farm is a program of MSU Extension that began in 2009 in Clinton County. Now in its ninth year, over 80,000 people have attended Breakfast on the Farm events. The events include a free, farm-cooked breakfast followed by a self-guided walking tour. Visitors will see how farmers care for their animals, how they protect the environment and how they produce safe, wholesome and nutritious food.

Q: When and where are the events?
A: This year, Michigan State University Extension is hosting two Breakfast on the Farm events:

  • June 24 at J&J Dairy in Marne (Ottawa County)
  • Aug. 19 at De Saegher Dairy in Middleton (Gratiot County)

Q: Who should attend Breakfast on the Farm?
A: Everyone! While many of the activities at Breakfast on the Farm are geared toward families with younger children, these are great events for anyone who is interested in learning about farming and where their food comes from.

Q: How do I get my ticket?
A: It’s easy! Tickets are FREE and required for the breakfast. Ticket locations are posted on the Breakfast on the Farm website approximately one month before the event.  A link to online tickets is also on the website. Visit www.breakfastonthefarm.com for locations or to get your ticket online with a click of a mouse.

Q: What will I see and do at Breakfast on the Farm?
A: Each Breakfast on the Farm event is a little different, but many of the activities are similar. No matter where you go you will get to tour the farm, see animals, talk with farmers, meet the host family and enjoy a great breakfast filled with Michigan-grown and Michigan-made products!

Q: What should I wear to Breakfast on the Farm?
A: Remember: this is a farm and you will be spending time outside. We recommend comfortable, temperature-appropriate clothing, sturdy walking shoes and you should be prepared if there is rain. The farm tour is a self-guided walking tour. You will be provided booties to go over your shoes when touring the grounds. This will keep your shoes clean and keep anything that might harm the animals out of the barns.

Q: What should I bring?
A: It depends. If you are bringing young children, you may want to consider bringing a stroller or carrier as there will be walking involved. Sunscreen, hat and a camera are recommended. You may want to bring an umbrella or poncho if rain is in the forecast. You will not need a purse or wallet as there isn’t anything to spend money on. Please don’t forget your breakfast tickets! There will not be additional tickets at the event.

Q: Are the farms accessible to all visitors?
A: The farm tour is a self-guided walking tour. On many of the farms, there will be concrete throughout the barns which will make maneuvering a wheelchair, walker or stroller possible. However, there will most likely be dirt, gravel or grassy areas, as well. It is best to contact the Breakfast on the Farm program organizers to determine the specific environment and identify any adjustments that can be made.

Q: Can I bring my dog to Breakfast on the Farm? 
A: With the exception of service animals, dogs and other pets are not allowed on the farms during the events.  This is a biosecurity practice aimed to prevent disease transmission; protecting the health of the livestock and other animals on the farm.

Q: Can I campaign at a Breakfast on the Farm program?
A: MSU Extension programs are non-partisan and several of the statewide Breakfast on the Farm sponsors also have political restrictions due to their funding sources. Political campaigning is not allowed at a Breakfast on the Farm event. Elected officials and political candidates are invited and encouraged to attend and are welcome to help out as a volunteer if desired. All volunteers will wear the provided Breakfast on the Farm t-shirt and name badge. Visit www.breakfastonthefarm.com for more information.

Q: What do I do if I still have questions?
A: Contact one of the Breakfast on the Farm organizers: Mary Dunckel at (989)354-9875 or dunckelm@anr.msu.edu or Ashley Kuschel at (586) 469-7616 or kuschela@anr.msu.edu.

For more information about Breakfast on the Farm, contact Mary Dunckel, MSU Extension agriculture literacy educator at (989) 354-9875 or dunckelm@anr.msu.edu or Ashley Kuschel, program coordinator, at (586) 469-7616.

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