What’s so great about day camps?

Families are finding great value in sending their kids to days camps that last anywhere from a few days to a week.

It’s summer and what kid doesn’t want to go to summer camp? Summer camps have traditionally been thought of as over-night adventures that last anywhere from one overnight to an entire week. More recently, families have found a great value in sending their kids to days camps that last anywhere from a few days to a week.  But, what’s so great about day camps?

The American Camp Association indicates in an article, “Day Camp Offers Camp Benefits Clost to Home,” that camping experiences are beneficial to kids for a variety of reasons including:

  • Camp teaches children independence
  • It helps develop self-esteem
  • Camp allows a child to take healthy risks in a safe and nurturing environment
  • The experience helps children develop authentic relationships with peers and adults
  • Youth  learn to be a part of the natural world
  • Youth have the opportunity to participate in human powered activies

Furthermore, there are some dramatic benefits that a child can gain by going to a day camp that they won’t get by going to an overnight camp.  According to American Camp Association, in an article titled “Why Day Camp Matters by Andy Kimmelman, indicates that a day camp:

  • Provides the camp experience for campers that are too young, anxious about being away from home or just are not ready for residential camp.
  • Can create the foundation needed for successful long-term experiences away from home.
  • Allows for a greater partnership between the camp and the camper’s parents surrounding the growth and skill building that takes place at summer camp.

According to Michigan State University Extension, day camps can be a great fit for families in terms of location and proximity to home, as well as financially. They can also help eliminate many of the anxieties that are related to overnight camping such as roommates and the environment in which the kids sleep. 

Youth who attend day camps have the opportunity to gain amazing skills.  MSU Extension  offers several day camp opportunties.  4-H staff  and volunteers help youth reach their full potential by teaching life skills. Many of the life skills that members gain through their 4-H participation are identified in the Iowa State University Targeting Life Skills Model.  4-H staff and volunteers can help youth connect to their hands-on 4-H experiences with life skills learned and how to apply them to real life situations.

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